The Pulse is a creative content studio working internationally from bases in Sydney and Hong Kong.

We create story-driven immersive experiences that captivate and inspire audiences. Our studio is a rare hybrid offering design, animation, virtual reality, motion graphics, projection mapping, technology, entertainment and content for large scale events and installations.

We are motivated to explore how creative ideas and cutting edge technologies can blend to create magic.  Our stories unfold across all formats from film and interactive media to live environments and virtual worlds.

Leading international corporations, brands, cultural institutions, and governments come to us with a common goal: to drive deeper engagement with their customers and clients. Together, we partner to create inspirational and memorable experiences that form a deeper human connection.

We believe in our clients. They are forward thinking and passionate, and know the best outcomes are the result of trust, mutual respect, and collaboration. So, if you’re up for exploring the frontiers of possibility, drop us a line.